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Standard Logistic is a private licensed railroad operator, with the same status as a government operators.

Our international UIC code is 3346 and we can be found on the listing of “International Railway Organization”.
Standarad Logistic provides following Services:
  • Engineering
  • Transportation
  • Logistic
  • Transloading
  • Towing and towed vehicle hiring
  • Repairing
  • Storing
  • Planning
  • Consulting



Who are we?

“Standard Logistic” is a corporation of companies, based on private owned companies, international joint ventures and corporative partner companies, which offers complete logistic solution for our clients, based on newest logistic strategies, modern logistic technologies and techniques, specialized personal etc. Standard logistic is specialized for petroleum and chemical products logistic in south-east part of Europe.

Organization of transportation from the beginning to the end (for e.g. full logistic and transportation from Ingolstadt (Germany) refineries in ex-Yu region, full logistic and transportation from Romanian refinery… Transloading services (contract with major transloading facilities for petrochemical product in Ukraine, Hungary and Romania). Barges transportation via Danube and Sava River.

Standard Logistic activities are based on special contract mostly based on our quantities, with state owned railways authorities, private railways operator (we own owned locomotives which may be used for maneuver, shunting, and transport from storage to the major transport corridors as allowed by current Serbian low about railways transportation, other wagons owner (special contract and conditions with Ermewa, VTG and Gatex), barges owner, river time charters.

Our own fleet of the wagons, over 650 wagons for derivartes transport are available in region for any client,  on long term contracts, or on “spot” basis, contract with reparation facilities (organization of general inspections and revision of the wagons), on line reparation and intervention (situation when wagons are broken or not possible to unload, we provide 0-24h team for mobile reparation).

During transport process all our consignees are daily informed about flow of transport process, transport unit positions etc. Our specialized personalities (only in Belgrade office we hire 5 logistic engineers with university degree) are ready to answer on each tasks given by consignee. The reason why we chose logistic of petroleum products as our core businessis that all our personal are familiar with all segments of the petroleum business. We know major transport streams, major transport suppliers and users. We are tracking ANSI and ICIS quotations, following law and government issued rules toward distribution of petroleum products.

We are also specialists for logistic. Our expertise in those fields (Petroleum and logistic business) makes us the best solution for logistic of petroleum products. (This is the fact confirmed by our results).

Logistic services

  •  Rail, road and river transport services
  • Railway tank wagons to hire or to buy from us, (if we do not have enough own wagons, we can always hire more from partners)
  • Our own and chartered trucks.
  • Barges in hire, time chartering
  • Fleet management (reparation and maintenance of transport units, containers, barges, wagons
  • We will suggest you trans loading points in Serbia, based on plan of micro-distribution in Serbia,
  • We will offer you few different transportation types (rail, trucks or barges) and suggest you solution which is best in our opinion,
  • Money saving solutions
  • We offer the best optimization of the transport and storage capacities, better resources utilization (e.g. charges for hiring wagons are given in eur/month, but our effort is to use same wagons more times monthly in order to decrease fixed charges, using our plan of trains transit we gain speed and we use less wagons then common transporters.
  • We offer complete logistic service from door to door, your job is only to present us planed quantity and destination. We will present you with fixed charges that are shown in Eur per MT, that is easy way to calculate price of the products.
  • We provide complete logistic engineering and consulting.




Transport services


Some of our major achievements is organization of mixed trains, logistic planning according with special agreement with railways, when wagons of both Lukoil and OMV were mixed and collected in refinery and after that, assembled as a bigger train for both empty and loaded wagons.


We have recently engaged in rendering road transport services which includes consumer goods transport services, industrial goods transport services and machinery goods transport services.


We can offer you complete logistic solutions for your Central Asia supply. We have elaborate network of trains and barges with trans-loading terminals.

Special transports

Standard Logistic has a huge experience in transportation of military personal and equipment.

Since the beginning of 2000. we have managed military unites transport to Kosovo, transport of special military cargo for Africa and Asia over mixed transport means.
  • We have organized humanitarian transports and military missions under UN and Red Cross organization.
  • Transportation of waste materials, raw materials and toxic dumps.
  • Standard Logistic has a specialized service that deals exclusively with toxic and dangerous waste materials control and transportation.
  • Specialized transports are being arranged upon your request in a shortest possible time.

Organisation and System

Some of our major achievements is organization of mixed trains, logistic planning according with special agreement with railways, when wagons of our clients are mixed and collected in refineries or loading places and after that assembled as a bigger train.( Block train , for both empty and loaded wagons) . Major advantage was that empty wagons after unloading may be sent again for loading soon after unloading , and from every station in Serbia wagons can be delivered  to the border station in a short time and after that we are collecting wagons in border stations and after making enough wagons for train, complete train goes to refinery or trans loading place for new loading.

The system of our logistic department is based on decreasing transit time by planning and controlling every step of transport process and in that way transport charges are decreased 30 %.

According to special annexes with Serbian Railways, we provide yearly contracted fast traces, when wagons that are going with our transport instructions have transit time of only 1 day ( e.g. transit time from INA refinery Rijeka to ex-Yu region accordingly with our organization is only 3 days, while common railways shipment  transit time in this time of year is approx. 10 days).

Standard Logistic is also offering special logistic services for different product assortment but for similar goods, we are able to organize same logistic units (for e.g. same wagons will be used for transportation of propylene for Romania, after unloading wagons will be loaded with butane in Romania and sent back in complete fast trains to Serbia, after nitrogen treatment, same wagons may be sent again for loading of propylene. It is not necessarily to emphasize what is decrease in charges in this case (more then 50% then common).

We have our own wagon pools which are stationed on the most important  geographic places.( e.g. Belgrade Serbia, Skopje Macedonia, Brazi Romania, Apafa Hungary, Samuil Bulgaria ) .
Our 24 hour assistance in available for all of our clients and them can check position of the wagons on our web site.

Very good partnership relation with major Western European transport companies   (e.g. DeutcheBahnSchenker ) provides possibilities for very cheep and high quality transportation services from Western Europe refineries to any SEE destination for our clients .

New projects

Together with our large partner we have aproached the project of development of logistic LNG and CNG transport (liquified and compressed petrol gas), trough implementation of new transport utilities, containers and specialized vehicles.

Terminal and reloading points projecting trough multi-modal transport of LNG and CNG and choice of optimal transport routes according to client demands. Development of LNG and CNG logistic trough conventional transportation and using multimedia transport will provide manufacturers with access to the regions that are not covered with pipelines and provide end users with cheap fuel alternative.

Ekology and Social Resposibility

In our business we see enormous impact on our surrounding. We understand that ecology should be considered in all aspects of production-consumption chain. Being a mediator between demand and supply, we can contribute in aspects of trade that depend on us. And we do:

  • We use less energy, thus pollute less.  Fully optimized transport with minimal delays is more efficient and less waist-full.
  • There is smaller risk of accidents or spills due shorter transport time.
  • We maintain our wagons properly and timely.
  • To avoid any contamination or mishandling we constantly inspect and service our trains and wagons.
  • We use all safety procedures and precautions in dangerous chemicals transport as required by law and common sense.
  • We have an emergency team for immediate action for wagon and train repairs in a case of an accident.
  • We provide more than 40% of import of LPG, as a cleaner alternative to oil, for car use in Serbian market.
  • We mix different wagons for same destinations for increased efficiency.
  • We mainly use trains for land transport, as the most energy efficient way of transport in SEE.

Our references

Since 2006 when we started with logistic of petroleum products, list of our client increased rapidly. Some of our direct or indirect client are:

– Standard Gas
– Petrol LPG
– NIS-Gaspromnjeft
– Crodux
– Helenic Petroleu
– Litasco-Lukoil
– INEOS- LM Trading
– HIP PEtrohemija
– Elixir Group
– San Marco Gas
– Intermediteran
– Eurogas
– Igmin Group
– HIFA Petrol
– LPG Moravia
– Bulmarket
– MET Petroleum
– Lampogas
– Nadezda – Ukraina
– Yugoimport SDPR
– SAksa
– EP Cargo