“Standard Logistic” is a corporation of companies, based on private owned companies, international joint ventures and corporative partner companies, which offers complete logistic solution for our clients, based on newest logistic strategies, modern logistic technologies and techniques, specialized personal etc. Standard logistic is specialized for petroleum and chemical products logistic in south-east part of Europe.

Organization of transportation from the beginning to the end (for e.g. full logistic and transportation from Ingolstadt (Germany) refineries in ex-Yu region, full logistic and transportation from Romanian refinery… Transloading services (contract with major transloading facilities for petrochemical product in Ukraine, Hungary and Romania). Barges transportation via Danube and Sava River.

Standard Logistic activities are based on special contract mostly based on our quantities, with state owned railways authorities, private railways operator (we own owned locomotives which may be used for maneuver, shunting, and transport from storage to the major transport corridors as allowed by current Serbian low about railways transportation, other wagons owner (special contract and conditions with Ermewa, VTG and Gatex), barges owner, river time charters.

Our own fleet of the wagons, over 650 wagons for derivartes transport are available in region for any client, on long term contracts, or on “spot” basis, contract with reparation facilities (organization of general inspections and revision of the wagons), on line reparation and intervention (situation when wagons are broken or not possible to unload, we provide 0-24h team for mobile reparation).

During transport process all our consignees are daily informed about flow of transport process, transport unit positions etc. Our specialized personalities (only in Belgrade office we hire 5 logistic engineers with university degree) are ready to answer on each tasks given by consignee. The reason why we chose logistic of petroleum products as our core businessis that all our personal are familiar with all segments of the petroleum business. We know major transport streams, major transport suppliers and users. We are tracking ANSI and ICIS quotations, following law and government issued rules toward distribution of petroleum products.

We are also specialists in logistic. Our expertise in those fields (Petroleum and logistic business) makes us the best solution for logistic of petroleum products. (This is the fact confirmed by our results).