Rail, road and river transport services
Railway tank wagons to hire or to buy from us, (if we do not have enough own wagons, we can always hire more from partners)
Our own and chartered trucks.
Barges in hire, time chartering
Fleet management (reparation and maintenance of transport units, containers, barges, wagons
We will suggest you trans loading points in Serbia, based on plan of micro-distribution in Serbia,
We will offer you few different transportation types (rail, trucks or barges) and suggest you solution which is best in our opinion,
Money saving solutions
We offer the best optimization of the transport and storage capacities, better resources utilization (e.g. charges for hiring wagons are given in eur/month, but our effort is to use same wagons more times monthly in order to decrease fixed charges, using our plan of trains transit we gain speed and we use less wagons then common transporters.
We offer complete logistic service from door to door, your job is only to present us planed quantity and destination. We will present you with fixed charges that are shown in Eur per MT, that is easy way to calculate price of the products.
We provide complete logistic engineering and consulting.