1Please be informed that since beginning of this year we started with modernization of our RTC gas wagons fleet which is at this moment around 650 gas RTC-s.
From 01.01.2015 we have new 50 gas RTC with year of build end 2014.brand new from workshops.

These wagons are fully modern and equipped with latest technical achievements, fully capable for transportation and loading/unloading in all modern facilities in western and Eastern Europe.

During this year we will continue modernization of our fleet according to new railway rules.

Higher loading capacity (cca 50 t per wagon for mix A, B, C and propane and more of 57 t for Butane , Butadiene over cca 60 t etc. ), brakes shoes from composite materials , modern valve, specific crash buffer, full speed of 120km/h, tanks according latest European directive EU-TPED….etc., and also what is important that we are able to keep same level of price for transport.

These wagons will be used primary for our client and relation in/from Western Europe. Usage of these wagons will provide more efficient transportation, faster loading/unloading, faster transportation, possibility for loading in most demanding facilities within Western Europe. Such type of the wagons will be driven first time in our region. With these wagons Standard Logistic will strengthen position like transport lieder in LPG/Gas pressure transportation in region of south-East Europe.

We will stay on your service and demands, always coping with new trends.

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